Here are THE BEST Options Trading Newsletters on the Market Today

best options alert trading serviceThe market for options changes every minute. It is possible that you won’t always be able to do the amount of research you’re required prior to the time opening. A subscription for the Options market newsletter is an effective method to cut through the noise and concentrate on the best opportunities. It’s true that not every newsletter is worth while – or your cash.

We’ll present to you a selection of our most-loved newsletters on trading options and also certain characteristics you need to be looking for when choosing the newsletters to join.

The Empirical Collective

These guys are just incredible. Their trade alerts are on point, they offer both SMS and email alerts, and they’ve got a great winning percentage.

Aside from that, a membership is incredibly inexpensive – a fraction of what others charge.

They also have numerous add ons to their membership that other companies always want to charge for.

So if you’re looking for an alerts company, we highly recommend that you sign up for The Empirical Collective, as they are easily the best option alert service

Benzinga Options Newsletter

Whatever your level of expertise No matter your level of expertise, the best options alert trading service is the empirical collective. Maybe benzinga comes after that.. This Stocks To Watch newsletter delivers daily market analysis, insights and information direct from most renowned analysts and researchers. You’ll be able to begin planning your trading schedule with the help of a professional prior to when the market opens which gives you an edge against other investors. Benzinga Stocks To Watch is extremely affordable, costing less than 26 cents per day when you subscribe to the annual membership.

It is easy to read and loaded with top-of-the-line knowledge, Benzinga Stocks To Watch is the option newsletter for all serious traders.

The Newsletter of Options Strategy

With over 28 years of uninterrupted production, The Options Strategist Newsletter is among the industry’s most admired options newsletters. Although the newsletter is every week, on a Friday, each issue provides comprehensive data and details about a variety of market sectors that include:

  • Strategies for buying options
  • Spreads on ratios and calendar spreads
  • Trading in volatility
  • Seasonal trends in trading
  • The latest market analysis and recommendations for the coming week

The Options Strategist Newsletter is written by Larry McMillan, renowned market analyst and the best-selling author. With a wealth of useful, precise details, the Options Strategist Newsletter is a fantastic option for novice as well as experienced options traders.

MarketWatch Options Trader

If you’re an aspiring options trader seeking simple and easy-to-follow recommendations then you should look into MarketWatch Options Trader. MarketWatch Options Trader is focused on providing weekly information on key options events coming up with a focus on simple and practical advice.

MarketWatch Options Trader is the most prestigious option newsletter from MarketWatch. MarketWatch newspaper, and is one of the top sources on the internet for market and investing news. MarketWatch Options Trader is written by the best-selling author of Options as an Investment Strategically and analyst in investment Larry McMillan. Not sure if this newsletter is the right magazine for you? Start with a trial of 30 days period prior to committing to an annual subscription.

Seeking Alpha Newsletter

If you sign up to get a free account with Seeking Alpha, you gain access to a variety of things, including alerts on stocks, Wall Street ratings, and so on. One of the most crucial aspects of an account that is free is the email newsletter.

The newsletter of Seeking Alpha comes to you at least 15 times per month with stock, options future, and market data. The newsletter will send you alerts when you sign up that will help you take advantage of a variety different financial instruments. Subscribers also have access to blogs on the Seeking Alpha website, enabling you to follow your preferred authors and be notified whenever they release new blog posts.

Consider Seeking Alpha as an instrument that can help you to see what’s the “big image” in the world of trading while you look for the most profitable options contracts.



SteadyOptions is an innovative trading newsletter that offers an array of market knowledge for options that is suitable for newbies and actionable trading guidance. SteadyOptions provides trading strategies that are based on five distinct options trading strategiesthat range between an option called the “Steady Options” portfolio (that concentrates on small, steady growth over the course of the course of time) up to”Pure Volatility,” which is the “Pure volatility” option (that seeks to profit from dramatic, rapid price fluctuations in the short term).

SteadyOptions publicly makes its achievements and portfolio performance reports accessible — even in times in which their selections have produced an annual negative growth rate. With extensive trading plans and educational guidance to all levels of experience and an extremely active forum for trading SteadyOptions could be an excellent choice for those looking for a complete information on the options market.

The reasons to subscribe for an Option Newsletter

A subscription to an option newsletter provides a range of benefits, which include:

  • access to experts’ advice:Anyone can get on the internet, access an online blog and let you know which choices they believe that you should sell or buy. The most reliable newsletters employ experts in the field of market analysts and news reporters to give you reliable information.
  • Daily rounds of the best market selections:Thousands of options are accessible to purchase and sell. If you’re not ready to get up earlier than the sun rises to get started on your research each day, the chances are you’ll be unable to go through your options for trading prior to the time that markets open. A subscription to an option newsletter will allow you to concentrate on the best opportunities to profit without having to research every option that is available.
  • An enhanced social trading environment If you trade in options or stocks full-time it is likely that you spend the majority of the time at your desk and have no knowledge of other investors. Some newsletters provide access to chat rooms in which you can talk to others who are following the same guidelines and strategies as you do. The interaction with other traders does not just add more interactionit also helps you improve your investment skills by collaborating with your peers.

What to look at within an Options Newsletter

There are many options, but not every newsletter can provide the same level of information and value. Make sure you avoid scams and spend your money on the best newsletter by looking for these 3 key characteristics.

  • Realistic claims:Be wary of newsletters that claim to provide you with an “secret formula” that guarantees the reader thousands of dollars from trading without risk. It is equally cautious about signing for any newsletter that makes outrageous claims, for example, the writer has doubled his investments every year, or has a return on investment of 300 percent. If the claim sounds too amazing for it to be real, then it most likely is.
  • The latest, current suggestions: Like the stock market, the market for options could change at a moments notice. In many instances alerts that are sent an hour after market opening may not serve as useful. Choose the right newsletter to provide you with unique tips and suggestions each day. The most reliable newsletters for options make sure you receive the information you need in your inbox prior to the market opening every day. This gives you plenty of time to go through it prior to making the first investment.
  • Tips from experts: Do you know who’s writing your newsletter? Anyone can be an investment guru This means that not all newsletters written by self-professed experts is of any value. Look for an options newsletter that is written by journalists, stock analysts researchers, or a group which includes all three professional fields.

Best Options Brokers

With your new newsletter in your the palm of your hand, it’s time to join the options market. Similar to stocks, you’ll need be able to work with a licensed and reliable broker to buy or sell your options. If you don’t have an existing bank account with a brokerage take a look at a few of our top options below.

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