Here’s How to Care For Your Cowboy Boots

After dragging your feet through the mud, loyally sticking with you on your rides and shielding your feet from hot dirt, your boots need to be taken care of. By taking them off properly (for the love of all things holy, use a boot jack) and properly cleaning them and taking care of small repairs, you will be able to maintain your footwear in top condition for years to take. When you’ve mastered the proper procedures, taking care of your boots is an easy process that could be a relaxing routine.

How to Maintain Cowboy Boots

Take care of your cowboy boots with these tips:

  • Break them into Cowboy boots made of leather will fit better when they’re broken in because the leather is stretched to fit your foot’s shape.
  • Clean up dirt regularly If you wear boots regularly, scrub off all dirt, mud and grime at least twice every week using a brush or cloth.
  • Deeply clean to condition the boots Make sure your boots are clean using an exclusive leather cleaner each three-to six month period. This is followed by a conditioner for leather.
  • Fix your shoes when needed This can include repair to stitching, or resoling, if your soles have been damaged or worn out.

Alongside the above steps on how to maintain the cowboy boot, we have a few frequently asked questions regarding cowboy boot maintenance:

How do you break in your cowboy boots?

The majority of cowboy boots are made from cow leather, however even the most exotic substances can be stretched out and broken up to a certain extent. The most efficient and secure method to break the boots you own is wearing them on a second pair socks to wear around the house or for short excursions. This allows the leather to extend from the inside out , and also highlights problems in the fitting of your cowboy boots.

How can you ensure that cowboy boot last for longer?

The most effective way to ensure that those cowboy boots last for longer is to maintain the leather. The steps for caring for your cowboy boots that are described in the article (break in, scrub from dirt, as well as a a thorough cleaning and conditioning) can help you ensure the longevity the boots. Be aware of your boots too. If they appear like they are dry, you should thoroughly clean them with an excellent leather conditioner. The easiest method to know that leather is beginning to become dry is by checking for faded or blotchy color and irregular surface. If your cowboy boots made of leather are at the point of drying out, it’s not enough time to salvage the boots by conditioning and cleaning the leather.

Do you wash and maintain cowboy boots?

Make use of a clean brush or cloth to clean any debris or dirt off your shoes. Make sure you clean all crevices including patches, embroidery and pull straps. After that, apply a top-quality leather cleaner onto an absorbent cloth and scrub the entire surface of leather on the cowboy boot. After your boots have been cleaned and dry, let them air dry completely (this generally takes 20 to 30 minutes) Then, apply the leather conditioner.

How can you get rid of wrinkles from cowboy boots made of leather?

If you wear it enough the natural leather can get wrinkled. The most common creases in cowboy boots occur around the toes, however, they can happen at other locations as well. To get rid of the wrinkles and smooth the leather and smooth, you need to first fill them with newspaper, T-shirts socks, paper or whatever else you have in your closet and wait until the leather starts to expand. After that you can use a blow-dryer with a low-heat setting and slowly warm up the leather for several minutes at a time, and then massage the creases by using your hands. If the leather feels warm to touch, then you’ve applied excessive heat. When the wrinkles have gone or almost gone take your cowboy boots off and let them cool down before taking off the stuffing.

What do you do with the exotic cowboy boots?

The care of cowboy boots is similar to exotic boots like those made of caiman/alligator or ostrich. Caiman, ostrich, and pirarucu cowboy shoes may require more frequent cleaning and greater care in the process of conditioning however, the process is similar to taking care of the cow’s skin. The exotic shoes can be cared for maintained, and kept in the same manner as traditional cowboy boots. Just ensure that the conditioners and cleaners you’re using have been tested on the particular kind of leather.

What is the best way to keep the cowboy boots I have?

The most important aspect of the care for your cowboy boots is the proper storage. If your cowboy boots aren’t on the ground, they must be kept inside, away from dampness and in a straight in a straight position. To ensure that the shaft is upright and stop the toes from curling, you can use an appropriate boot tree. A well-crafted cedar boot tree can aid in removing excessive moisture from a humid sweaty, humid day, helping keep out mildew, mold and weird smells.

You can clearly see that when using quality leather and just an effort the cowboy boots you choose to buy will last for years!

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